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The Research Unit on “Food Science and human Nutrition”  of the Department of Experimental Medicine (Medical Pathophysiology, Food Science and Endocrinology Section) at  “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy) focuses its scientific and reaserch activity on.

  • Malnutrition (identification of prediction equations for weight and stature in the Italian population, validation of tools for the assessment of the nutritional status, ethics of the nutritional intervention, impact of the nutritional status on the outcome of the rehabilitation programmes);
  • Obesity and metabolism (multidimensional approach to the treatment of obesity, disability related to obesity);
  • Eating behaviour (orthorexia nervosa, senile anorexia and refusal to eat in the elderly);
  • Sustainability of Mediterranean Diet (nutritional indicators of sustainability);
  • Catering services (impact of the quality of hospital catering services on nutritional status of institutionalised elderly population, survey on the hospital dietetics and on the role of nutritional treatment of the patients admitted in the hospital).


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