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Le giornate di Carlo Cannella
VIII Edizione 2019



XII Congresso Nazionale SISDCA


Piramide Alimentare

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fondamenti di nutrizione umana

Fondamenti di nutrizione umana (III Edizione) a cura di Lorenzo M. Donini, Anna Maria Giusti, Alessandro Pinto, Valeria del Balzo.

Teaching staff
Valeria del Balzo

Born in Naples on 23rd March, 1950

- Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Rome (1974);

- qualification for teaching scientific subjects at High School;

- first-class postgraduate diploma in Food Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Rome (1987);

- University Master (2nd level degree) in Epidemiology at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (2004);

- from 1971 to 1975 she attended the National Institute for Nutrition (INN);

- from 1975 to 1977 she worked in the analysis laboratory of the Centre for Preventive Medicine of the Opera Universitaria, Rome;

- since 1977 she has been working at the University of Rome (Food Sciences and Nutrition Institute – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery), first as an Assistant Professor and then as a technician;

- since 1975 she has attended national and international congresses on human nutrition and dietetics;

- since 1993 she has been a member of the Interdisciplinary Committee for problems related to school-meals of Comune of Rome;

- she has been a member of the following scientific societies: 


Unione Italiana contro l’Obesità (U.I.C.O.) since 1975,
she has been Secretary General

Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana – Italian Society for Human Nutrition (SINU)

since 1986, she has been member of the Executive Board

Società Italiana dell’Obesità (SIO) since 2000,
she has been member of the Executive Board

Nutrition Research Academy since 2000,
she is the founding member.


Her research activity aims at studying those problems of nutrition related to food behaviour and health status of both healthy and sick individuals.
She has also worked on the composition of olive oil and dosage of micronutrients in both healthy and diabetic subjects.
With regard to the CNR (Italian National Research Council) purposive project of ‘Preventive and rehabilitative Medicine’, ‘Ageing Mechanisms’ subproject, she contributes to the multicentric study on ‘Correlations between obesity and nutritional status in the elderly’.
The Department for Welfare Services of the town of Albano Laziale (Rome) has designated her for coordinating a survey on the health status and food habits of non-hospitalized elderly.
She has carried out a study on the correlation among lifestyle, food habits and cardiovascular risk in an employee population.
She was in the team for the study of ‘Portioning and quantity standards of food stuffs’ of the Italian RDA (LARN).
She is taking part in a survey on the relation between colour and food for the assessment of the incidence degree and quality of factors influencing the perceptional choice of foodstuffs.
She has published more than 70 works on national and international reviews.
She is the author of some informative books, such as A tavola coi fiocchi, Giunti Eds., Il corpo ed il controllo del peso, Dialogo tra dietetica ed arte culinaria, Il trionfo dei dolci, all edited by Cappelli Eds, Bologna.

She has written 75 works published in extenso on national and international scientific reviews.

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